10 advantages of WordPress

10 advantages of WordPress
  1. It is an open source software
    Open source is a type of software developed altruistically by thousands of developers who collaborate to improve it every day. It is called free because you have the freedom to do with it what you want for free.
  2. It is constantly updated and growing
    As the world’s most widely used content manager, it is constantly updated to make improvements, correct vulnerabilities and add features. There are updates almost every month that increase the functionalities that you can include in your website.
  3. It allows you to customize it and make very attractive and different designs.
    WordPress uses a system of templates for its designs called Themes. There are thousands of themes, paid and free that offer infinite customization opportunities. You can also have a designer make you a fully customized template.
  4. No need to know programming
    You can build your website from start to finish without any programming idea. Except for the more advanced options, which you don’t need to touch to build a basic and functional website, you don’t need to touch or understand any of the code to work day by day with your website.
  5. Your web belongs to you
    Unlike other platforms like Wix, which offer “free” hosting but own your website, your WordPress website is yours. This means that you are free to introduce all the modifications and functionalities you want, change the server when you want, sell it and make a profit, and so on. In cases such as Wix, if the company closes, your website disappears with them, and that can happen at any time if they decide that it is not profitable to continue offering this service for free.
  6. It’s easy for the end user to use
    The initial installation of WordPress may seem a little complex at first. But once installed, being able to update content, create new pages and articles, upload documents, is extremely easy. No more waiting weeks for your webmaster to deign to change a phrase on your website…Now you can do it easily and without relying on third parties.
  7. It is the best content manager for search engine positioning.
    It’s an open truth that Google likes WordPress. It is structured in such a way that it makes it easier for Google’s spider robots to index all the content on the Internet. Having the possibility of including a blog and being so easy to update, allows you to have fresh and renewed content, one of the factors most taken into account for positioning on the Internet. In addition, there are plugins that allow you to further refine your aim and optimize your entire website to take advantage of the advantages of SEO.
  8. You have the best built-in blogging system
    WordPress is the best blogging system you can find on the market. It allows you to structure your content, have attractive designs, schedule your publications, integrate social buttons to share your content, integrate subscription forms to your mailing list… What more can a blogger ask for? If we add to this that your blog is going to be much easier to position than one made on another platform, I think there is no doubt why I say this.
  9. It’s very plastic
    WordPress has a system of extensions called plugins that allow you to add all kinds of features to your website or blog. You can do from a simple blog, to a website, a platform for courses, an online store, a magazine … The possibilities are enormous and are constantly growing.
  10. Allows a 100% responsive design
    And last but not least, WordPress allows you a design 100% adapted to all types of screens and devices. Today we surf more and more from mobile devices such as smartphones or tablets, that your website works properly on all platforms is essential. Do not lose readers or clients simply because your website does not work on a mobile device.

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