My website does not appear in the search results. Why?

My website does not appear in the search results. Why?

Have you ever wondered “Why doesn’t my website appear in the search results and others do?”. In this article I want to talk to you about several reasons that may be behind your website not appearing in the search results of major search engines such as Google, so you can resolve the situation.

Reasons why your website may not appear in the search results

Not yet created: It seems obvious but if your website is not created and all you have done is contract a domain, it is impossible for your website to appear in the search results because it simply does not exist yet.

You haven’t used adequate software for its creation: Although the market is saturated with software for the creation of websites, not all of them are equally effective. There are many DIY website builders that allow you to create a page but then do not meet the technical minimums necessary for it to appear in the search results when entering keywords. Examples of this are Wix, 1and1’s web builder, etc. My recommendation will always be that you opt for a professional software like WordPress, easy to use and position in search engines.

Your website is not registered in Google Search console: Google Search console is a free Google tool for webmasters that allows you to index your website in this search engine among other things. Registering your website in this tool is a fundamental step if you want to make it easier for Google to find it as soon as possible and start indexing its contents in its search engine. You have more information about this tool and all its interesting functions in this article.

Your website does not have a Sitemap: A Sitemap is a scheme of the structure and contents of your website, within the tool we talked about before (Google Search console) you have the option to send a Sitemap of your website that will facilitate its indexation. To create your sitemap I recommend you to use the Google XML sitemaps plugin. It is simple and easy to use.

Your website is too slow: If your website has a very slow loading speed, Google will prioritize other content before yours. This happens because Google always tries to offer its users the best content and one of the criteria used to rank the results is precisely the loading speed. So if your website is agonizingly slow, it will never come out on top. Some reasons for your website to be too slow can be: the software you used to create it, non-optimized images, excess of superfluous adornments, excess of visual content, excess of plugins, etc. You can check how Google evaluates the speed of your website using this tool: Google page speed insights, which also gives you clues on how you can improve it.

Your website is not responsive: It’s been a while since Google began to penalize websites that didn’t adapt well to all kinds of screen sizes (computer screens, laptops, tablets, mobile phones). It’s another of the criteria you use to decide if your content appears in the top positions. So check if your website is responsive, here you have more information about what it means to have a responsive website and how to get it.

You are not working the SEO inside your web: To reach the top positions in Google’s search results it is necessary that you take seriously working the SEO of your website. In this blog we have talked a lot about what SEO is and how to work with it, so I recommend that you read the collection of the best articles about SEO from Creatiburón. Here I will only tell you that if you are not willing to work the SEO, you can go preparing the purse to invest in paid advertising if you want to appear on Google.

Your website does not have a good SEO plugin: To work the SEO of your website the best thing is to use a good SEO plugin that helps you optimize each of the content you upload. The most used for WordPress are WordPress SEO by Yoast and All in one SEO Pack. The use of a plugin will help you to have all the factors under control and will alert you of possible errors.

There is a lot of competition in your sector: If there is a lot of competition in your sector on the internet, it will be much more complicated to reach the top positions in search engines and will require much more effort and work. There are professional sectors that have been on the Internet for years and are actively working on their SEO while others are still in their infancy. You can evaluate the competition in your sector with the Google Adwords keyword tool.

Your website does not have an https security certificate: A few months ago Google announced that websites that did not have a security certificate (https instead of http) would be labelled as unsafe by their search engine. Here you have more information about what the security certificate is and how it works.

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