The best plugins for a WordPress online store

The best plugins for a WordPress online store

If you have a WordPress online store, you are going to love this article because I am going to share with you my personal selection of the best plugins for online stores made with WordPress. So get ready to make the most of your store by adding interesting features to improve its management and increase your sales.

Plugins to make an online store WordPress

Woocommerce: It’s the best plugin that exists to make an online store with WordPress, so I’m not going to tell you about any more. It’s free, easy to use and constantly evolving. There are hundreds of add-ons with which you can add features that we’ll see below. (Free).

Plugins that will improve the management of your store

Import Products from any XML or CSV to WooCommerce: This handy plugin allows you to import products into your store in bulk from an Excel file. Ideal for stores with many products. (Free).

YITH Essential Kit for Woocommerce #1: This plugin is an «all-in-one», it comes with an integrated pack of plugins that have a paid and free version with fewer features. It includes a lot of things like: Wishlist, advanced product finder, product comparison, zoom for product images, waiting list, advanced customer feedback management, live chat, advertisements in the cart, and so on. YITH also offers the different plugins included separately. (With free version and paid version).

WooCommerce Point Of Sale: Allows you to use WordPress as an external point of sale when making offline sales. This way you can have all your store information and inventory perfectly synchronized. (Paid).
WooCommerce Pretty Emails: Allows you to customize the design and content of emails that are automatically sent to your customers. (Paid).
WooCommerce PDF Invoices & Packing Slips: Allows you to create invoices and delivery notes automatically of the orders placed in your store and send them by pdf to your customers. (Free).

Stripe Gateway for WooCommerce: To be able to integrate the Stripe payment gateway in your store. (Free).

WooCommerce Checkout Manager: Allows you to choose the fields you want to appear on your checkout page, adding or removing the ones you want. (Free).

WooCommerce Simply Order Export: To export customer data and orders to Excel. (Free).

Woocommerce Advanced shipping: A super complete plugin to configure the shipping costs of your store taking into account multiple parameters. (Paid).

Plugins for multilingual stores and / or selling to different countries

WooCommerce Multilingual: This payment plugin is used to create an online store or web made with WordPress in several languages. It allows you to create all the content in different languages, translate the menus, the navigation tags of the topic, the strings of topics and plugins you are using, currency exchange, etc.. It’s a real marvel and I use it in many of my projects. (Paid).

Woocommerce currency Switcher: This plugin allows the customer to see the price in different currencies. It’s interesting when you sell to different countries with different currencies. If you are using WCM, it is not necessary because it already covers this function. (Free).

Plugins to increase the sales of your store

WooCommerce Bulk Discount: Allows you to make discounts when your customers buy large quantities. (Free).

Woocommerce customer relationship manager: With this plugin you can integrate a CRM in your online store to track your customers and their actions. Very interesting information for personalized marketing. (Paid).
Woocommerce Min Max quantities: Thanks to this plugin you will be able to force your customers to make a minimum order of certain products. (Paid).

Woocommerce compare products: An interesting plugin because it allows your customer to make comparisons between different products to choose the one that best suits their needs. (Free).

YITH Woocommerce share for discount: An interesting way to get more visibility by getting your customers to share your products on their social networks in exchange for a discount. (With free version and paid version).
Woocommerce gift wrap: If you want to offer the possibility of wrapping your products for a gift for an extra cost, this plugin allows you to do so. (Free).

Woocommerce checkout for digital goods: An ideal plugin for stores that sell digital products and do not need such a complicated purchase process (shipping address, etc). It allows you to eliminate steps to make a much more agile and direct sale. (Payment).

Woocommerce recover abandoned cart: Abandoned carts are very normal in e-commerce, with this plugin you can encourage your customer to recover his cart and complete the purchase that had begun. (Payment).
WooCommerce Product FAQs: Allows you to have a section of frequently asked questions in which your customers can make their purchases.

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