The web hosting company you choose, will affect your positioning

The web hosting company you choose, will affect your positioning

If you didn’t know that the web hosting company you choose for your page affects your search engine positioning in a very important way, I advise you not to miss this article. Let’s see which aspects of your hosting provider most affect the SEO of your website.

How does the choice of hosting company affect the positioning of your website?

Quality of shared hosting

Most small business owners and freelancers tend to opt for shared hosting plans rather than dedicated servers when it comes to hosting our websites. Dedicated (not shared) servers have much higher prices. But choosing a shared hosting (this is usually the case with the cheaper plans of most hosting providers) means that we are sharing space with other webmasters.

If in that shared hosting there are too many clients together or some of them are misusing the space (spamming for example or not taking care of the security of their websites), our website will be affected. The quality of the IP of this shared hosting is very important, that it is not identified as spam or as a malicious IP. That is why it is important to choose providers that offer shared hosting that meets minimum quality standards. Normally the cheapest providers offer rather bad shared plans and therefore we don’t get the results we expected.

Possibility to hire a security certificate easily (SSL)

Nowadays it is essential that your website has a security certificate. Google is already marking as unsafe all websites that do not have it. It’s that little padlock that appears just in front of the url in the search bar of your browser. If the page does not have a security certificate, the padlock appears open. It is known that this is one of the factors that Google is taking into account when it comes to ranking the search results, giving priority to the contents of secure websites.

There are quality hosting providers with whom install the security certificate is easy and also free, as in the case of Webempresa and Siteground.

Loading speed of your website

The loading speed of your website is an extremely important factor when working the positioning. And this loading speed depends on several things, including the quality of the web hosting you have contracted. So you have to choose a provider that has good response times.

In addition, many good quality providers also offer their own advanced caching systems. This means that they cache copies of your website so that when you receive a visit it is loaded directly from the cache and it is not necessary to load all the items from the server. This also greatly improves the loading speed of your website.

Location of the servers

A hosting provider’s servers can be located anywhere in the world. It is recommended that you choose a provider that has servers close to where you are most interested in working on local positioning. For example, for Spain, it would be enough for the servers to be located in Europe. This is especially important in businesses where local positioning is essential, if you can only offer your services within a specific geographical area and not to everyone via the internet.

Security systems

The security of our website is also fundamental to our positioning. Google analyzes our websites in search of malicious software, if it finds it, it eliminates us from the search results. That’s why it’s important that your website is protected against hacker attacks and malicious infections.

Your hosting provider can protect your website from these attacks and keep it monitored at all times to detect any suspicious movement and be able to act in time to solve it. It is also important to make frequent backups, as they are the easiest way to solve the problem after an attack or infection, as they allow you to restore the web to how it was before nothing happened.

Service Cuts

It also influences your positioning that your hosting company offers a stable and seamless service. Every time there is a service outage your website disappears from the internet and Google detects it. As Google prioritizes the most reliable content, it will also prioritize those found on websites that do not have abundant server crashes.

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