Updating WordPress and plugins is important to your website

Updating WordPress and plugins is important to your website

If you have a website made with WordPress and still don’t know how important it is to update WordPress every time the software is updated, I recommend you keep reading.

Why is it so important to update WordPress and update the plugins and themes on your website?

Keeping all the software of your website updated is an indispensable part of the maintenance that you must do of your website in the day to day. Software updates are important for the following reasons.

They introduce improvements in the software: WordPress is a software in constant evolution and each new update brings new improvements, new features, and so on. If you do not update you are losing access to the improved versions of WordPress.

Failure to update may lead to incompatibilities: As WordPress is often updated, so do the plugins we use to add all kinds of features and also the themes or templates we use to change its appearance. If your main software is not up to date and you want to work with a new plugin or a new theme, all kinds of incompatibilities will arise that will damage its operation. The same will happen if any of the other parts (themes or plugins) are using an outdated version.

This is the only way not to jeopardize the security of your website. Hackers who try to attack our websites look for vulnerabilities found in outdated versions of software, those vulnerabilities are eliminated with new updates. Many updates are precisely security updates, so if you don’t make them your website is exposed to the tricks of hackers. 83% of the websites hacked with WordPress had outdated software.

Loading speed. I’ve already told you how the loading speed has a big influence on the positioning of your website. The new versions of the software improve the loading speed, so it is important to keep them up to date if you want your website to load quickly and position well in search engines.

Precautions before updating

Although most updates are completely secure, some may pose a small risk, so it is not superfluous to take some precautions before clicking on update.

Have updated backups of your website: This is important whether or not you update, having updated backups of your website is the smartest precaution that will save you from all kinds of unforeseen events (hacker attacks and blunders several). The best thing is to hire a hosting that is responsible for making backups every x hours automatically, so you know that copies are made and stored safely, in addition your hosting provider can also help you in case you need to restore any of those copies.

Make sure that there are no changes in the code of your website: If you have delegated the work of designing your website to a professional it is possible that he has made alterations in the code of the template or some file of your website to adapt it to your needs. If these changes are made correctly, using a child theme, there is no problem to make the updates. But if you haven’t used a child theme and the changes have been made directly on the files as they are, if you update all those custom settings will be lost. So if you haven’t been informed of the situation, make sure with the designer that it’s safe to update. If you are going to order the design of your website, demand that they use a child theme whenever alterations are going to be made.

Waiting a few days before making an update may be a good idea if your website has many plugins installed, especially if they are from small suppliers. This way you give them time to solve any small incompatibility that may have arisen with the update of the main software.
How do I update WordPress and its add-ons?

Luckily to keep WordPress, plugins and themes updated you don’t need to be a computer genius. Updates arrive automatically to your website, you’ll see a warning on your WordPress desktop every time there’s an update.

Update WordPress

By clicking on the notice that appears at the top left of your desktop, you will access the area of updates where you will see divided into WordPress updates, plugins, themes, etc.. You can easily select everything that needs to be updated in each section and do it at the same time.

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